View Full Version : ELEN... I need your help (again!)

07-06-03, 14:56
I made a new picture on paint. Then I cut a bit of the pic. out to the right size. I pressed copy. I can't save this. All I can do is paste this on another big PAINT picture. :confused: Please help... Sorry for the inconvenience!!!

07-06-03, 16:51
Howdy Larasfrend...

Which paint program did you use?? The Paint program of Windows??

07-06-03, 17:25
if you are using MS Paint, then I know how to help:

Press Ctrl + E

Then put 48 in the Width and Height boxes and press Ok...

Did that help?

08-06-03, 06:58
Thanks guys... I know I've been so annoying about this :rolleyes: , but I wanted a personalised avatar too :D - It's a 2KB file and it's on it's way to support desk. Does it matter if it says " LARASFREND" ? :eek:

tlr online
08-06-03, 06:59
Lara's Friend. No, the file name doesn't matter. I'll look out for your email.