View Full Version : I cant save...(i think) TRA

07-06-07, 07:36
When i save it doesnt matter where or when it will not save for me... even when it say it does..(save success) if im doing a "load" i will get back to the last checkpoint and not to the same saving spot

07-06-07, 07:42
The game only saves data from the last checkpoint.

I assume this is to partialy emulate the save system on the original Playstation Tombraider, whereby you had to get to the save crystals before you could save anything.

The original save system was pretty cruel ;) kinda miss the complete unfairness of getting within 2 feet of a save point and winding up dead just out of hands reach of salvation.

Anyway now that ive went off on a tangent, let me assure you that this is a normal situation and is part of the overall design of TRA

07-06-07, 07:44
ok thanks <3333