View Full Version : "Level Statistics" a level behind ?

07-06-07, 13:23
Just a small thing thats annoying me. At some point during the game (i think the Tomb of Tihocan), the Level Statistics part of the pause menu has always started showing stats from a level behind, instead of the present level. Its not a biggy as it doesnt interfere with the main game, just strange and annoying not knowing how many artifacts and relics etc are about :/ Anyone else got this ?

07-06-07, 15:34
Mine's totally screwed up,

i've completed the game and i have all relics with all time trails done,

it says i've completed it 20% and that im still on Tomb Of Tihocan


09-06-07, 19:35
Aw man i hope theres a patch for this asap, its really doing my nut in :(.