View Full Version : Lara Croft Tomb Raider Anniversary already number one of the sales in France !

08-06-07, 19:36
Eidos Interactive has just confirmed that Tomb Raider Anniversary was from now on number one of the sales on Playstation 2 and PC in France, after the first weekend of marketing.

"A little more than one year after success of Tomb Raider: Legend, to find Lara Croft with the signal of its form and the sales on the market is a great satisfaction. But our greater reward comes again from the eulogistic acclamations of the players and the specialists. Never, since the beginning of the history of the series, an episode had not made as much fact unanimity and caused as many excellent criticisms ". Patrick Nickel silver, general manager, Eidos France.

Source (http://www.jeuxvideo.fr/lara-croft-numero-ventes-actu-74880.html)

(Sorry for the bad english :o)

Sara Croft
08-06-07, 19:37
This games sells good! :D

Legend of Lara
08-06-07, 19:42
So, did they bring in Pierre "Faux Accent" Dupont to do some promotion work? :p

08-06-07, 19:43
This games sells good! :D

Tis because it is a marvelous game.