View Full Version : Getting infinite Breath, Sunglasses and Textureless...

09-06-07, 21:44
Infinate Breath: Complete game on Easy difficulty.
Sunglasses: Complete game on Easy difficulty.
Textureless Mode: Complete game on Easy difficulty.
Source: GameFAQs.com (http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/code/934025.html)

Is it true you gotta finish the game this way? Darn I started playing it at Hard, thinking it'd reward you more...so does that mean beat every level in Easy mode? I'm so lost. Is there a way to replay the game? 'cause I know when oyu replay the level, it doesn't continue to the next level but the main menu...

09-06-07, 21:45
Any difficulty should do. I played on hard and got them...

09-06-07, 21:48
OK GOOD!:D Thanks. That's faulty information then. Well not really..

09-06-07, 22:14
More like 'Complete the game' ;)