View Full Version : Help!I'm scared of spiders

Backschool Boy
30-11-00, 11:36
Hey,I'm back now that I took the time to play the Tomb Raider 3
The last level is really giving me the freaks.I don't know how to defeat the giant spider.

30-11-00, 18:33
Here's the trick to it. You need to keep your distance from him, so sprint the straightaways and go slow around the turns.Unless the pit is in between Lara and the boss, sprinting through the turns is a bit risky. If the boss has you in his sights you might as well unload some ammo, maybe you'll stun him before he takes a shot. Closong the gap is not avised. Ideally you want to fire the first part of your attack as the boss passes in front of an alcove where you have yet to claim the artifact. When the boss crumples momentarily, its time to grab the artifact. Hustle to the closest alcove, as long as there's still an artifact there you're not actually going toward the boss.You've only got a few seconds to sprint into the alcove, snatch up the prize, and get back to a position across the hole from the boss. Even if the boss sits stunned you have to make sure that he's across the pit and in a direct line. If he comes to and has a clear line of fire, he can strike anywhere. The boss always circles Lara's right to her left, so you'll want to break to the right when comming back from the alcove. Keep stunning and running until you collect all four artifacts. When the last artifact is in Lara's possesion, the meteor sinks from the ceiling to the central pool. The boss is now vulnerable. Unload on him! Hope this help ya Xander! Good Luck!

Backschool Boy
03-12-00, 16:00
Okay,what is the best weapon to use against the spider?

03-12-00, 18:45
It depends on your preference. Everyone differs in what works best for them.It would also depend on how much ammo you have in the different guns. I like the desert eagle myself. I would say try it a few times using different guns to see which works best for you! Good Luck!!