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10-06-07, 21:35
There were times I didn't think I would finish this game. *cough*Pyramid*cough* and just quit in disgust and frustration. But I went on and eventually saw it through to the end.

I thought all in all it was a good romp. A bit on the tedious side but fun nonetheless (except for the Pyramid:p).

I though the locales were great but like many posts I have seen here I thought they started to go downhill a bit after Egypt. Egypt was my favorite place btw followed by Peru, the a so-so Greece and end which was meh imo.

All that said I miss some things CD brought in the mix with Legend. I know Anniversary was a remake and alot of the things obviously would not have fit but it made me think that I would like to see the next one a hybrid of TRA and Legend.

I know it annoyed some people but I liked the "extra" characters in Legend. I liked the banter and the high tech gadgets. Kinda brought her up to date which I felt was over due. I also really really like how her different outfits better reflected the area she was in. I thought the same ole' outfit in TRA was kinda boring. Accurate yeah but boring.

Also while the areas (for the most part) looked good it was hard to get away from the feeling I was just doing the same thing over and over. I know its about "raiding" but not adding the modern locations mixed in made me feel it wasn't very global and exciting. Fun yes but except for the scenery it didn't feel much like you were traveling all over the world.

So as you can you probably surmise by now while I had good romp in TRA, I give the nod to Legend. I thought it was more interesting and more up to date. Yeah again I know, TRA was a remake I'm just sayin.;)

That said Legend wasn't perfect. The two big things I (really!) didn't like were that it was waaayyy to short and there was waayyy to much action and not enough puzzles raiding and what not. So I really would like to see a hybrid of the two.

The modern-ness(sp?:o), of Legend, global locations of Legend, some of the action of Legend, some of the raiding from from TRA and more of the puzzles from TRA.

Anyway thats my scoop on the game. I am glad that I am done with TRA though. Now maybe my eyes will stop feeling like they are going to pop out of my head and my contacts won't feel so dried out.:D:);)


10-06-07, 21:40
Really loved the game.. Still a big fan of Legend. And yes as I just said somewhere else, I was on the phone with a friend screaming by the time I was at the pyramid. And told him that I would not continue the game and find someone else to do that one stupid part. But a weird feeling came about and told myself that I have beaten every TR game with NO codes or a walkthrough and was not going to let this one finish me off. So I did it 2 more times the next day and got it. The game was missing a lot of aspects of the original but I did love it. I will play it again I'm sure soon.

Tomb Raider Master
10-06-07, 21:41
Congratulations on finishing. :tmb:

10-06-07, 22:10
All I can say is that if CD makes the next TR then it may just be the best. Legend and Anniversary have really done alot to show that TR has alot more left in it

10-06-07, 23:30
Your thoughts make a lot of sense. I liked the global feeling about Legend. I havent played anniversary yet, but i´ll love it anyway, hopefully tomorow; I was very frustrated that i didnt got it at release but now i´m happy that i get to play after everyone, and have fun while everyone already did.:)