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05-03-04, 12:22
I don't know if any news has already been posted about this or not, but apparently someones managed to create the diamond... The guy who's figured out how to crsytalise this precious mineral is churning them out by the day. Coloured ones are even rarer, yet he's even managed to figure that out too... I don't have any solid info on this yet, but my source is pretty reliable.

If this is true, I gotta feelin the price of the diamond will start to drop significantly because it will no longer be classed as a precious or rare stone.

I'll try to get some more info.

05-03-04, 12:26
whats the world coming to everyones trying to be god

05-03-04, 13:01
Originally posted by monstrum:
whats the world coming to everyones trying to be godThat is our mantra...

05-03-04, 13:04
Yup, it was featured on the Horizon Documentary last night so I've been told. Tiffany's (a london Jewelers) were featured on it, saying how it will distroy their business. Apparently a machines being made to try to distinguish the real mined diamond from the synthetic man made ones... if no comparison can be made then Jewelery stores better watch out.
Two people were involved in developing the man made diamonds, One chap is based in the US, the other is just outside moskow (russia). The Russian guy created a clear diamond whilst the US chap managed to get a coloured one into development.

Sorry for the lack of names here, I didnt see the documentary, but I'd be interested to know if anyone else did.

Like U say monstrum, if they can do it with a diamond, it wouldnt surprise me if they go on to try and create other elements such as gold or silver... Could this be the end of the precious minerals/metals. :eek:

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05-03-04, 13:18
I found the russian guy on the web.
There's pictures of the yellow diamonds, equipment and the warehouse they're planning on using to mass produce these in.

Synthetic Diamonds (http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/11.09/diamond.html)

05-03-04, 13:20
i reckon it will drop the value down considerably http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

05-03-04, 13:26
This is excellent news for optical computing hehe...

Not to mention the industrial world...

Hell even the laser could be much more cost efficient...

05-03-04, 15:28
I thought there were already synthetic diamonds. I remember two or three years back, there was something on tv about how jewelers were having a harder time distinguishing real from fake, and even some fakes were being chosen as real in a test that the program set up.

Still neat though, esp the colored diamonds.