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08-06-03, 23:05
The annual 22-mile man versus horse race saw four legs once again triumph over two. Some 30 horses and riders lined up against nearly 400 people and 50 relay teams in the contest in Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys, mid Wales. No human running alone has yet defeated a horse in the competition and hopes a single runner would triumph over equine opponents for the first time in more than 20 years were dashed again. A never claimed prize, which increases by 1,000 every year, will stand at 25,000 for next year's race on June 12.

Horse Druimgiga Shemal, ridden by Robyn Petrie-Ritchie from Devon, won in two hours and two minutes, beating runner Mark Croasdale from Lancaster, the first human to cross the line in two hours and 17 minutes. Royal Marine Croasdale, 38, who has recently returning from serving in the Iraq conflict, celebrated his win against his human opponents with a glass of beer. The marine, who won the race as a single runner for the sixth time, said: "It went well and I took it steady."

Croasdale, who returned from southern Iraq a month ago, also holds the record for getting closest to winning the William Hill Man versus Horse Marathon coming in just a minute behind a horse. William Hill offered odds of 25/1 that one of the runners can beat the four-legged contestants to the finishing line. William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe said former soap star Mark Little, who played Joe Mangel in Neighbours, did not compete in the race after all, but supported the competitors as an observer.

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08-06-03, 23:13
lol, yeah I heard that on the radio earlier, somethin about the man was just 15 minutes slower than the horse or somethin. :eek:


09-06-03, 01:53
Now, if it had been a sheep, that would've been another story... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/mischievous.gif

09-06-03, 02:10
it's always man against something, right...
I say it is about time for man against a cool adult beverage wars!