View Full Version : McCartney Worth More Than Elton and Madonna!

05-03-04, 14:35
By Paul Majendie

LONDON (Reuters) - Paul McCartney's fortune is larger than the combined wealth of Elton John, Mick Jagger and Madonna, according to a new rich list.

Nothing succeeds like Sixties nostalgia, with the former Beatle boasting a 725 million pound ($1.3 billion) worth that puts him streets ahead of the next three in the big league of musicians in Britain.

Among the big hitters, the 45-year-old Madonna is way younger than pop veterans like McCartney, 61, and Tom Jones, 63, who have shown their stamina in the multi-millionaire stakes.

Sean Connery, the original cinema James Bond, strikes another blow for the older generation in the Mail on Sunday's Rich Report 2004.

The 73-year-old Scotsman tops the list of British male stars with an estimated 66 million pound ($120 million) fortune ahead of Rowan Atkinson and Oscar-winning cannibal Anthony Hopkins.

"Hollywood pay packets have made fortunes for half of Britain's richest male showbiz personalities," said Rich Report Editor Rachel Oldroyd.

"Even British comedian Rowan Atkinson had to go to America to turn Mr. Bean into a moneyspinner. Those who have made their money in the UK have had to take a more entrepreneurial view and set up their own businesses," she added.

The big surprise comes at the top of the British female star list which is headed by Tracey Ullman.

The comedienne with the 45 million pound ($81.8 million) fortune had a small stake in The Simpsons cult cartoon series which began on her show. That helped to build her fortune.

She heads the female list from "Weakest Link" television quiz presenter Anne Robinson.

Next in line is Oscar winner Catherine Zeta-Jones and it was not just marriage to Michael Douglas that catapulted the Welsh star into the big time.

Film contracts, profit-sharing and advertising deals have helped to carve out her own 30 million pound ($54.5 million) fortune.

Oldroyd said: "Women are really under-represented in the list as a whole because it takes decades to accumulate such wealth. But they are starting to make huge fortunes in television and showbiz where success is rewarded much faster."

"Like men, actresses need to pay a visit to Hollywood before they hit the big time. And brains as well as beauty are required. Wise investment and shrewd merchandising deals have helped to boost showbusiness earnings," she added.