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05-03-04, 14:47
By AUDREY WOODS, Associated Press Writer

LONDON - The American TV broadcast of recordings Princess Diana made in the depths of her misery brought the unhappy royal story back to the news in Britain on Friday.

But the familiar tale of a foundering marriage made only two front pages in the tabloids, which had filled their pages with Diana stories before and after her 1997 death. The story was generally ignored by the heavyweight broadsheets.

NBC, the network that broadcast the tapes Thursday night, has acknowledged that they provide no new revelations, but said it would be illuminating to viewers to hear Diana's voice.

The five-hour time difference between Britain and the U.S. east coast likely cut into British coverage, but the country's largest-selling daily, The Sun, carried no report of the broadcast.

The rival Daily Express, however, devoted most of Page One to the headline "Diana: I was a lamb to the slaughter" a quotation from the tapes which had been published in Britain seven years ago.

The London afternoon Evening Standard matched it with "Diana Tapes: My Pain and Betrayal" on page one.

Andrew Morton based his 1992 book, "Diana Her True Story," on the tapes Diana recorded, setting out her side of her troubled marriage and her distress about her husband's relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles.

The Morton book angered Diana's family, friends and the royal family. The couple formally separated that year.

In 1994, Prince Charles admitted in a TV documentary that he had strayed from his marriage vows, but insisted the infidelity happened only after the marriage was "irretrievably broken down, us both having tried."

The following year, Diana did a television interview in which she acknowledged her own affair with James Hewitt.

Divorce followed in 1996.

Diana's close friend Rosa Monckton has said Diana regretted doing the TV interview.

Daily Mail royal reporter Richard Kay, in whom Diana was known to have confided, was co-author of a 1998 book that said she and Prince Charles had much joy and love in their marriage and could have remained together.

In the Daily Mail's serialization of the book, Diana's former nanny Mary Clarke spoke of the Andrew Morton book.

"Morton got her at her most vulnerable and has tried to fossilize her in that bleak period when she was unimaginably unhappy. She told me she bitterly regretted helping with that book. She said she wasn't her true self then but a desperate woman searching for a way out," Clarke was quoted as saying.

tlr online
05-03-04, 20:17
I am truly disgusted and appalled at this. Those who feel the need to watch/listen to these tapes should feel ashamed of themselves. Andrew Morton should be hung, drawn and quartered. Sick ****. :mad:

05-03-04, 20:28
I am actually glab that the public was given the right to listen to her voice.
It's about time that ordinary people are given the knowledge that they earn each day instead of it being locked away in a safe the only Parliament can listen to and then say whatever the hell they want!

(Remember folks. This is my Opinion. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif )