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Pet Birds Blamed for Lung Cancer - "People who keep birds are more likely to develop lung cancer, doctors in Holland have found ... People who have kept birds at one time or another are seven time more likely to get lung cancer than people who have never kept birds ... It may be that continuous bird keeping is as likely to cause lung cancer as continuous smoking."
The Independent, 18th November, 1988

The Tragedy of Slipping on Soap Cannot Continue! - American safety activists have demanded safety ropes in all local shower baths.
The Carolina Critic, 5[4], 12th October, 1991

Food Mixers and Vacuum Cleaners Linked to Cancer - "Common household appliances such as food mixers and hair dryers send out enough electromagnetic radiation to induce cancer, coronary heart disease, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, according to a report leaked yesterday."
Irish Times, 10th April, 1990

Long Cooking a Cancer Risk - "Frying or barbecuing meat, chicken of fish produces potentially cancer-causing substances [according to the] United States National Cancer Institute".
The Daily Telegraph, 18th May, 1991

Nintendinitis - "Michelle LaBruzzy, a 17-year -old in Michigan, is suing Nintendo after developing an inflamed thumb from playing her home video game too much. She claims that her 'Nintendinitis' prevents her writing and interferes with school work."
The Carolina Critic, 5[4], 15th October, 1991
Coffee and Tea ' Are as Bad as Cigs' - Tea, coffee, sugar and alcohol are 'social poison' as bad as cigarettes, a health group (Woman's Nutritional Advisory Service) claimed yesterday."
The Sun, 25th March, 1993

TV is Blamed For the Junk-Food Generation - "Television was blamed yesterday for spawning a junk-food generation of children deliberately coaxed away from healthy eating. Slick advertising and promotional gimmicks for fast foods and sweets have helped hold down the standard of children's diets for the past decade, says a new survey ... Education chiefs are now launching a counter-attack to challenge the dominance of the multinationals."
Evening Standard, 27th July, 1992

Pickled Food Linked With Throat Cancer - "Eating too many pickled onions increases the risk of throat cancer and a preference for taking very hot soup or drinks as well will increase the risk further."
The Independent, 29th May, 1992

Barbecued Meat Can be Linked to Cancer - "Meat fried or barbecued for long periods and at high temperatures produces substances that have induced cancer in several species of animals, including monkeys, a scientist from American National Cancer Institute has reported."
The Times, 27th March, 1991

Toast Joins Cancer Danger List Foods - "Mushrooms, pepper, celery, coffee, potatoes and even toast contains substances that can cause cancer, according to a study in the latest issue of the magazine Science ... There are a large number of mutagens (gene-damaging substances) and carcinogens in every meal ..."

Coke Banned From Schools - "Soft drinks, including Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola, are to be banned from sale in Singapore schools. The aim is to reduce obesity among students."
Evening Standard, 22nd April, 1992

Baby Drink Makers to be Sued Over Sugar - "1,200 children have joined a group action, 'Infant Drinks Litigation Group'."
The Times, 20th April, 1994

Caffeine Dependence Syndrome - "Caffeine exhibits the features of a typical psychoactive substance of dependence. It is valuable to recognize caffeine dependence as a clinical syndrom..."
Journal of the American Medical Association, October, 1994

Coffee Linked With Diabetes in Babies - "Pregnant women who are heavy coffee drinkers may be giving their unborn children diabetes, a study published today suggests. Researchers from Finland and America are pointing to a strong statistical correlation between countries with high coffee consumption and those with high levels of insulin-dependent diabetes, the type that usually affects young people."
The Guardian, 9th March, 1990

Home Office Adviser Links Youth Drinking With Aids - "A dangerous link exists between youth drinking and the spread of Aids which must be broken, the chairwomen of the Home Office working group on young people and alcohol, Lady Masham, claimed yesterday... 'The young socialize in pubs. There's alcohol, then there's sex, then there's Aids'."
The Guardian, 26th October, 1988

Cancer Risk in a Beer a Day - "People who drink more than seven pints of beer a week are three times more at risk from cancer of the pancreas, according to a .... report in the International Journal of Cancer."
The Guardian, 5th April, 1989
Cancer Linked to Chinese Food - "Scientists in Hong Kong have linked certain chinese foods to lung cancer."
The Sunday Times, 18th June, 1995

The Dangers of Herb Tea - "Herb Tea Linked With Liver Deaths."
(The Times, 11th September, 1992)

The Noble Art of Brain Damage - "A serious health warning should be attached to boxing as to cigarettes."
The Times, 9th of May, 1986

Drug Addiction: Notes on Caffeine - "The age of acceptance of nicotine is past, but there is another drug which still commands respect... CAFFEINE... this drug is far from being innocuous. It is probably the greatest cause of unnecessary human suffering in the western hemisphere."
Longevity Report, No. 45, June, 1993

Pollution: Smoking Burgers Up in the Air[b] - "They're small, smelly and smoggy. Cigarettes and hamburgers have been blamed for a lot of ills, but now they're being accused of helping cause an entirely different health problem: the Los Angeles's smog ."
The Guardian, 15th September, 1994

[b]Restaurant Eating 'A Health Gamble' - "Restaurants which serve dishes laden with excess fat are turning eating out into a health gamble, says the Consumers' Association Good Food Guide 1990."
The Daily Telegraph, 19th October, 1989

The Dangers of Moderate Drinking - "The trouble with alcohol is people exactly like you. Statistically, you are unlikely to be an alcoholic, a lager-lout or a drunken driver. Yet the overwhelming probability is that you belong to a group who cause more damage - to society and to themselves - than all the habitual drunkards who ever lived. YOU ARE A MODERATE DRINKER..."
Sunday Times Magazine, 19th February, 1989

The Dangers of Fizzy Drinks - "More than half of Britain's teenage girls are at a risk from bone disease because they prefer fizzy slimming drinks to milkshakes."
Today, 28th March, 1992
Parenting - Lawyers are acting for children in legal action against the manufacturers of baby drinks, including Ribena, Boots, and Cow & Gate, claiming that "products give insufficient warning about the dangers of tooth decay resulting from prolonged contact with sugary drinks."
Spare Rib, No. 238, October/November, 1992

Lottery - "Lottery adds to dangers of ill-health, say Doctors"
The Times, 17th July, 1995

Talcum Alert After Eight Babies Die - "Eight babies have died through inhaling talcum powder during nappy changes, doctors said yesterday"
The Daily Telegraph, 18th May, 1991

Celestial Lung Cancer Risk - "Thousand at risk of lung cancer from natural radiation"
Glasgow Herald, 16th March, 1989

Kissing Gets a Health Warning - "A warning against heavy sensual kissing is being issued by the World Health Organization for World Aids Day [...] The warning, covering so-called French kissing, is the first time that the UN body has been so esplicit over the risks of this kind of contact. Last year it would only go so far as declaring that 'kissing on the cheek' was safe."
The Times, 28th November, 1991

Beware the 12 Dangers of Christmas - "Christmas crackers and frozen turkeys can be lethal weapons, a doctor warned festive merry-makers yesterday... 'Every year you think you'll seen it all, then something more ridicolous happen' said Dr. Susan Barnes, who runs the accidental emergency department at Dewsbury District Hospital in West Yorkshire... Frozen turkeys cause us a lot of problems. People drop them and suffer broken bones in their feet. Others do their backs in lifitng them out of the oven... Exploding Christmas crackers can also cause problems. People get eye injuries as the toys inside the cracker are thrown across the room... electric shocks from dodgy lights on their trees... Youngstars chocking on toys after being left on their own... Suffering burns when the decorations catch fire... Girls cutting their feet on broken glass by dancing barefoot in clubs... Children... falling off [new bikes] on their first ride... Dog bite injuries... as pets get excited... Teenage girls end up in hospital over Christmas with hypotermia after going out in freezing weather in skimpy party dresses

We will have our peanuts back! Canadian Ailines International has cancelled a program that offered peanut-free flights to passengers who suffer from a potentially deadly allergy. The program was cancelled after 18 months when the airline realized it could not guarantee the safety of passengers prone to fatal peanut reaction, spokeswoman Diana Ward said. "Our reviews indicated it was impossible to maintain a consistent level of service," Ms. Ward said. "There just was no guarantee of a peanut-free environment. It was becoming unmanageable."
The Globe and Mail, Tuesday, October 24th, 1996

Parents Sue Distillers Over Birth Defects - "America's distillers are anxiously watching the first of a series of legal actions in which they are being blamed for causing birth defects."
The Daily Telegraph, 26th April, 1989

Inhuman meat eating - "Meat eating is to animals what white racism is to people of colour, anti-semitism is to Jewish people, homophobia is to gay men and lesbians." and: "The presence of meat proclaims the disempowering of women." and: "If you are a piece of meat you are subject to a knife... Rape too is the implementation of violence in which the ***** is the implement of violence."
Carol J. Adams, The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist Vegetarian Critical Theory, Polity Press, 1990

Food advertising on television to children - "Advertisers, keen to push any product with big budgets ... and manufacturers who, like the tobacco industry, are focusing on young, impressionable people at the time when lifelong habits are formed".
Geoffrey Cannon, "Battle for the British Diet", The Sunday Times, July 3, 1983

Peril in Bread Roll: Can Hot Dogs Cause Leukaemia? - "Research has linked high consumption of hot dogs with an increase in childhood leukaemia."
The Times, 23rd June, 1994

Meat Eaters Blamed for Damaging Planet - "Richer lifestyles and increased consumption are responsible for between half and three-quarters of environmental damage in the West caused by natural habitat and air pollution. Meat eaters are particulary to blame"
The Independent, 21st November, 1991

My Son Was Sugar Addict, Says [Eric] Clapton. - "I didn't think he should be drinking Coca Cola. I didn't think it was good for him... that's when I first encountered a full-tilt tantrum... He lay on the floor and screamed for what seemed like hours. Real hysterics, as if he was in a withdrawal situation. It was sugar addition."
Daily Express, 25th February, 1992

The Dangers of Dental Fillings - "...Frightening diseases of unknown aetiology should be part of the picture. An American researcher obligingly claimed that dental amalgams could cause Alzheimer's disease."

The Health Drink Trap - Parents Who Feed Children Fruit Juice Can Stunt Their Growth, Say Experts.
Daily Mail, 15th February 1995

Lack of Labels Cause Deaths- Up to 500 people a week are dying prematurely from heart attacks because the public is denied the nutrition information already required on pet food labels, health campaigners for the Coronary Prevention Group claimed yesterday ... deaths (could) be avoided if everyone used explicit packet warnings to help them tailor their diets to the lower fat and sugar guidelines by the Department of Health.
The Guardian, 27th March, 1992

Meat Eaters and Alcohol Drinkers Doomed - Within 50 years people who eat red meat or drink alcohol will be ostracized. At social gatherings they will be able to indulge in these unhealthy - nay, barbarous - habits only after seeking the express permission of their disdainful companions. The vegetarian, teetotal majority will have enacted stiff laws to regulate those dangerous substances and will be especially vigilant in protecting the young. Studies will have shown that most carnivores take up their bad habit in childhood, before they can appreciate the force of the arguments against meat.
Financial Times, 11th July, 1994

New Gamblings Addicts are Hooked on Lottery - According to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, scratch cards have increased "addictive gambling". They call for a state-run "Gambling Research Unit".
Evening Standard, 17th July, 1995

Golf Concern - Tricia Barnett, co-ordinator of Golf Concern, stated on "World No Golf Day": "Golf courses, particularly in developing countries, frequently force people out of their homes and off the land, pollute the environment, and use up valuable national resources."
New Statesman 30th April, 1993

Killer Plants for Sale at Garden Centres - The National Poison Unit called for all plants with poisonous leaves or berries to carry a skull and crossbones label [...] TV gardener Geoffrey Smith says, "If it stops just one child being killed or hurt, it will have been justified!"
Sunday Express, 31st May, 1992

Halogen Light Poses Cancer Risk - Quartz halogen lamps, increasingly being installed at home and work, may put people at risk of skin cancer, researchers claim.
The Times, 10th April, 1990

Dangers in the Potting Shed - According to the Department of Trade and Industry's Consumer Safety Unit figures there are 200,000 accidents in garderns every year. "Hidden danger lurks in the potting shed, with 2,000 gardeners injured by flower pots every year [...] Feet are impaled by forks, eyes are injured by flying twigs from edge trimmers, and 10 people are electrocuted by their lawnmowers [...] Flower pots lead to bruised feet, broken toes and crushed fingers, while spades are responsible for 5,000 accidents a year".
The Daily Telegraph, 21st July, 1994

Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras. - Title of a book listed in The tao of Books Catalogue

The Dangers of Dental Fillings - "...Frightening diseases of unknown aetiology should be part of the picture. An American researcher obligingly claimed that dental amalgams could cause Alzheimer's disease."

TV Linked to Cancer? - "An environmental medicine specialist called yesterday for an inquiry into a possible link between a 'cancer cluster' and a TV transmitter."
The Guardian, 30th March, 1992

School Loses Its Marbles - The Headmistress of Hillside Country First School has banned marbles in the playgrounds "because she believes they are too dangerous". There are "Fears that glass marbles could shed tiny shards and could cut or blind a child. No such accidents have occurred at the school but teachers have been concerned for some time. "We decided that, before it became too dangerous, maybe it was time to call it a day."
The Times, 18th November, 1993

Doctors Call for Stricter Control Over Dogs as Public Health Risk Rises - "Man's best friend can be one of his worse enemies when it comes to ill-health and accidents, and much tougher controls are needed for dogs, according to doctors at Manchester University."
Financial Times, 4th September, 1984

The Dangers of Cycling - "There must be few of us who have not seen the ill effects of over-exertion on a bycicle. It can produce dilation of the heart which shows the great strain put on it and can be very difficult to cure"
The Sunday Telegraph, 23rd June, 1991, and British Medical Journal

The Dangers of Intercourse - "[In women] the side-to-side movement of the pelvis produces unnecessary strain on the back and loins and also friction against the sensitive external genitals and may lead to bruising, excoriations and other effects on the sexual system which we need not to paricularize."
The Sunday Telegraph, 23rd June, 1991

Rice and Women - "Eat rice. Have faith in women. Our dairy diet reflects and reinforces our cosmology, our politics. It is as though we could say 'eating rice is faith in women."
Carol J. Adams, The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist Vegetarian Critical Theory, Polity Press, 1990

Cancer in Electric Blankets? - "Cancer experts are planning the first nationwide investigation into links between electric blankets, home computers, pylons and childhood tumours."
The Observer, 1990

Drugs Conference to Debate Disability of Ban - "Doctors and academics at an international alcohol conference are to debate calls for a world-wide ban on alcohol. The 36th Congress on Alcohol and Drug Dependency, which opened yesterday in Glasgow, will discuss whether a total ban on alcohol is a realistic or medically worthwhile goal." The independent, 18th August, 1992

The Dangers of Dental Fillings - "...Frightening diseases of unknown aetiology should be part of the picture. An American researcher obligingly claimed that dental amalgams could cause Alzheimer's disease."

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