View Full Version : Can one of you Raiders help a newbie find a old strategy guide?

20-06-07, 01:52
I have never played Tomb Raider befor getting Anniversary,,, and now I are hooked :) ,,,want to go back and play them ALL! i have found an online guide for Chronicles but wold like the old Prima book? If neone has any ideas (?) i would greatly appreciated it. Thanks, Amanda - mtbikepat[at]charter.net

20-06-07, 03:35
Hey Amanda :wve:
Probably not a good idea to post your direct email address here (or anywhere for that matter). If someone has the Prima book (is that what you are after?) they could PM you, or get your email in private. :wve:

20-06-07, 09:08
don't post your email address here because you might find it disturbing when strangers add you.
I'm pretty sure they would have one on Ebay or Amazon maybe real cheap;)

20-06-07, 19:37
Thank you both for the advice,,, iam new :) yeah i try Amazon and they seem to have every Prima Guide EXCEPT Chronicles (Grrr) i'll try eBay,,, Tnx again

20-06-07, 19:48
I'm just wondering, why do you want the Prima guide? Personally I find them useless in comparison to the walkthroughs put online. If you think about it, the books cost several pounds [or dollars, euros, whatever currency you use] but you have the option of using a free online walkthrough in which you can just print out. The online walkthroughs tell you were certain bugs are located, and it can also give you shortcuts, important notes and every single detail for secrets, kills and pickups unlike the books.

But if it's a book that you want, you'll find it somewhere...:tmb:

Camera Obscura
21-06-07, 00:55
Prima Guide? I use to have one for Chronicles but then mold grew all over it. :eek:

Have you tried Ebay and Amazon? That's the best place to try nowadays.