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09-06-03, 16:14
Would you like the recipie?

09-06-03, 17:05
Oh yes, please. :D

09-06-03, 17:18
I know a nice recipe for boar stuffed with a lovely turkey-liver and potato filling with delicious home-made black pudding.

Make the filling using the livers and potatoes and mash them to a dough. Stuff it up the boar.Cook it in the oven about 1 hour slowly, to get the juices of the pig flowing nicely.

Now here's how to make the black pudding: Get some fresh meat from the butcher (pork is best).With the inside organs. First scoop out all the organs ACCEPT for the intestines. Now cut off the meat, MAKING SURE TO KEEP THE BLOOD... now all you have to do is pulvarise the meat in a blender and pour in the blood and stuff this mixture into an intestine. (I'd advise you to clean it first!) Tie it up to get one long sausage. Now let it dry. The blood should make the sausage black. This could take time... When the colour's right... It's ready for serving. Most people eat it for breakfast, but I recommend it as a side-dish for my delicious boar. Warning- it may keep your tongue blackish for hours...

Bon Apetit!!

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09-06-03, 17:26
Larasfrend, I've never used that receipe but I did a middle ages feast in which I spit roasted a boar. It was very well received.

11-06-03, 19:00
Hi Annacia,

Sorry 4 delay, but here is the recipie.

20g sachet of dried porcini mushrooms.
50g butter.
2 shallots (or 1 small onion)
200g chestnut mushrooms. sliced
1 garlic clove.
3 tablespoons chopped parsley
200g large pasta shells (conchiglioni)
500g cherry tomatos.
2 tablespoons olive oil (plus a little extra)
200g goats cheese (capricorn is good)
50g parmasan.

(will do this a bit in shorthand as I know that you'll know what you are doing)

Soak the porcini mushrooms in hot water for 20mins. Then drain and reserve the cooking liquor for later)
Heat butter fry shallots.
Add the chestnut m/rooms fry till softened, add the porcini m/rooms, garlic, salt and pepper.
Add 150ml of the porcini m/room liquor, reduce down. Stir in parsley and remove from heat.
preheat oven to 190c/gas 5.
Cook pasta shells as you would normally.
Halve the tomatos and spread over ovenproof dish. Drizzle with o/oil. Stuff the shells with the m/room mixture and set over the tomatos. Chop goats cheese and place a piece in each shell.
Cover tightly with foil, bake for 20mins. Take off foil and sprinkle on parmasan and bake uncovered for a further 20 mins until golden, crisp and pasta tender. Serve with salad and crusty bread.


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12-06-03, 02:48
boars can be fun to hunt, much more exciting than deer...

12-06-03, 16:40
jacker, this sounds wonderful!! I can't wait to try it!!!!!!

Chestnut mushrooms not available here. Would oyster mushies sub well, or to strong?

thank you, thank you. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/hug.gif

12-06-03, 18:42
Oyster or button would do fine. The porcini will be quite strong, so maybe button would be better. Try it and see!

Maureen Errant
12-06-03, 19:14
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Draco:
[QB]boars can be fun to hunt, much more exciting than deer...

At least the boars can protect themselves to a certain extent. And no, I am not pro-or-anti hunting. Just making an impartial comment http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/mischievous.gif

Maureen Errant
12-06-03, 19:16
Who's talking here? The human or the dragon? :cool: