View Full Version : Lara became animated serie

21-06-07, 10:10
New Animated serie relase in July 10. Have a trailer in croft generation and the oficial website http://tombraider.gametap.com/ the serie is called Re/Visioned Tr animated Serie. Did anyone see or talk about this? is totaly new from me.
The trailer is just AMAZING!

21-06-07, 10:11
Yeah, it looks great :tmb: I can't wait for it:jmp: I have always wanted to see a TR animated series....

21-06-07, 10:13
I'm not interested at all XD

21-06-07, 10:23
What I dont like is tha these animated series will be "legended" look at teh hairstyle - the plait is dumbed :( :( :(

And I think that on gametap there will be only like makings of the animations - not the episodes themselves...