View Full Version : I need ur help guys ^_^

22-06-07, 10:14
I am on the "Obelisk of Khamoon"

I am going to get the "Scarab of osiris" but first I need to pass sets of traps, here is where my problem starts..

I have tried it many times but on the first trap, "horizontal pole(the one you can perch) and a fast-closing wall ", I jump and Lara doesn't perch
sometimes I make it, but the interact hint pops up and its too late to jump on the ledge but on the other parts when I jump through certain poles, I don't have any problem, this one makes me really frustrated^^ good thing It has a checkpoint

Please help thanks ^_^

22-06-07, 10:16
If you jump to it while the walls are still closed, Lara won't target it. You have to wait until the walls start to open up before you jump, so Lara will target the pole. After you jump, start tapping the interact button before hand, so that if Lara loses her balance, she recovers as quickly as possible.

22-06-07, 10:37
Isn't it great that you CAN get stuck for a bit in this game? :D

22-06-07, 13:31
hehehe:D thanks I'll try what u've said

hehe frustration is really a part of this game though this is my first time to play Tomb Raider:D

yeah Im stuck I just can't wait to proceed to the other levels:D

22-06-07, 13:36
Is there a cartain distance so that you can perch?

I tried it but she really can't perch, instead she jumps "over" it:hea:

I hate those walls hahaha