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10-06-03, 01:18
Hi. I have been trying to download Quake but it keeps canceling after a while. I do have download accelerator plus but (yes, I actually know what something is:) It hasen't helped much this time. Has anyone else had that problem? I know it's dead out there so but anyway I'll just throw this out for whenever someone wants to answer. Thanks I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am right now!

10-06-03, 10:13
Rats! It did this to me too last night. I got halfway there then boom! back to the beginning. :mad:

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10-06-03, 13:53
You might want to try a program called getright, it seems to be better at grabbing and maintaining downloads, than Download Accelerator.

10-06-03, 21:36
Flashget is a program I use: www.amazesoft.com (http://www.amazesoft.com)

And it works