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malferink 02-02-13 00:10

Fan art contest CD & DeviantArt


Crystal Dynamics and deviantART Partner for Tomb Raider Reborn Fan Art Competition!

If the Tomb Raider fandom has one thing in spades, it’s incredibly gifted fan artists. Recognizing the strength and talent of our community, we’ve partnered with deviantART to run a contest the duration of February with some really incredible prizes on the line – including the chance to have your work featured on official Tomb Raider merchandise.

Read up on the rules and get your creative juices flowing: www.deviantart.com/tombraider

Just thought I'd post it here, as there are some really talented artists on this forum. It's a contest from Crystal D and DeviantArt, who've teamed up. There are some really neat prices to win.

ItIsOkBro 02-02-13 00:11

Why even bother competing with FearEffect :(

malferink 02-02-13 00:12

^ I hoped he would turn up sooner or later. :p His skills are amazing.

Billy959 02-02-13 00:23

I'm gonna kill myself -.-

DgoOdz94 02-02-13 00:25


Originally Posted by ItIsOkBro (Post 6632099)
Why even bother competing with FeatEffect :(

QFT xD His work is just outstanding!

Shark_Blade 02-02-13 00:26

Lol Facebook page cannot be displayed.

Billy959 02-02-13 00:34


this contest really makes the game look XBOX exclusive

just sayin'

tlr online 02-02-13 00:34

Moved to the appropriate section. Good luck with the contest. :wve:

Evan C. 02-02-13 01:42

I will do my best for this, there's 25 places so everyone could win!

TRLegendLuver 02-02-13 01:48

Top three prizes: Digital work. I'm calling it now.

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