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RunrigNutter 10-01-17 18:30

Different versions of Tomb Raider
I have a eidos ricochet tomb raider 2 for ps1. I wondered whether there are any differences between versions of the Tomb Raider games.

WWETombRaider 10-01-17 22:08

Apart from the packaging, there aren't any in-game differences. Ricochet was Eidos' range where they re-released old games, similar to PS's Platinum/Greatest Hits/Essentials etc.

ozzman 11-01-17 02:11

i know certain versions of the PS1 games had Demos , i had a TR1 disc with the TR2 venice demo

Cochrane 11-01-17 05:10

In the old Mac port of Tomb Raider II (the first one, for Mac OS 8/9, not the current one I think), they changed a texture slightly so the laptop at the end of the first level looked like a Mac laptop of the time.

TR-Freak 11-01-17 07:33

There are different Versions of Tomb Raider IV.
In KV5, there are rock formations that are not present in a earlier release version.
There was a thread about this.

The Dreamcast Version of Tomb Raider IV has dynamic shadows for Lara (even though only one shadow)

peeves 11-01-17 15:20

I have a different PS version of TR4 where the game doesn't say game over when you lose. And that is from my PSN on the NTSC region.

TombHackR 12-01-17 16:36

Tomb Raider 4 has loads of different versions.

I have an early (between release and 2 months after release in 1999) version of TR4 on the PS1, there are only a few differences, such as an accidental shortcut in KV5 which enabled you to skip a large part of the level which was later removed and various geometry changes to prevent glitches. However, apparently if you bought the game on the PS1 release day, there was an even earlier version that had tonnes of differences such as different enemy and item placements. I hear you can now get this Day 1 version off the PlayStation Network on newer consoles - I think that's the one Peeves mentioned above.

There was an old but very interesting thread (cannot remember the name) investigating differences between TR4 versions, I'm sure someone else knows about it and can link to it.

TR-Freak 12-01-17 17:21

^We are probably referring to the same thread.
After some digging I found it I guess:

peeves 13-01-17 01:17

I thought the second version was the version I mentioned of TR4 on the PS. I coulda sworn the 2nd version of TR4 of the PS was the one that didn't say game over when you lose. I thought only the 1st version did. EDIT so it's the 1st version that doesn't say game over when you lose on the PS version the 2nd version does say game over when you lose thanks for the link to the old thread.

TombHackR 13-01-17 16:34

On an another note, the PS1 version of TR3 had animating tracks in RX Tech Mines, and PS1 version of TR1 required less hits to kill an enemy.

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