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silviu_raider 21-02-10 21:02

Silviu's 3D Renders

Hello. :D
I recently got into rendering and I'd like to share my renders with everybody.

Mentions, credits and lots of thanks goes to:

~ Dusan ~
~ H4RR7H ~
~ Navid ~
~ toughraid3r37 ~
~ LARA_geek ~
~ dcw123 ~
~ TRKO ~
~ $AtlantiB$ ~
~ Zipper ~
~ o0Crofty0o ~
~ Stosh ~
~ James-Croft ~
~ Veronika ~
~ djeric ~
~ seashell093 ~
~ LaraRules81 ~
~ Merx10 ~
~ Love2Raid ~
~ FearEffect ~

*for the amazing poses, models, environments and/or help!
:hug: :hug: :hug:

Here are all my renders I ever done.
I know, they're many, but I'm still learning and experimenting! :p
I hope you like them.
If not, please, tell me how I could improve them or any piece of advice that you think could help me! :D
The renders are posted from latest to oldest.

.:: Click the image for the DA link where the full resolution image is hosted ::.

I was looking through my pictures and noticed I didn't upload this piece.

Credit to whoever helped me with it; sorry, but I don't remember, having done the render months ago.

Tomb Raider - Aerial Assault


Tomb Raider - Egypt Adventure


Tomb Raider 3 - Remake 2


Rogue vs. Supergirl


Tomb Raider Anniversary


Beach Raider


Beta Doppelganger


Lara Croft vs. Doppelganger 3


Tomb Raider II - Remake 3


A Survivor Is Born...


Tomb Raider 4 Tribute


Lara vs. The Thrall


Assassin's Creed - Render 1


Happy Birthday, Lara


The Doppelganger


Assassin's Creed - Ezio Test


Tomb Raider II - Remake 2


Tomb Raider II - Remake 1


The Beginning Of A Journey


Lara Croft - Tomb Raider


Kitana vs. Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman - Preview Render


Tomb Raider 1 Render Remake


Lara, raiding...


Lara - Doppelganger Training 1


The Beauty of Ghana


Lara - "Commander Outfit"


Lara - "I Don't Do Stairs"


Lara Croft - "Croft Manor"


Doppelganger goes "FIFA"


Lara in Nevada


Lara Relaxing...


Lara - "I'm a good girl..."


Flexible Lara


The Rising Of The Phoenix


Lara - Peoples Choice Outfit


Lara - Fashion Winner Outfit


Lara - Desert - Night


Sexy Lara - Bonus Render


Sexy Lara - 3


Sexy Lara - 2


Sexy Lara - 1


Lara - DLC Cameo Bikini


Lara - Gold Bikini


Lara Croft vs Doppelganger 2


Lara Croft - Egypt


Lara Croft and Doppelganger


Temple Guardian - Lara Croft


Lara Croft vs Doppelganger


If you would also like some wallpaper version of my renders, just post here the resolution you desire and I will make it.
Also, if you would like me to render a pose of yours, just post here the pose and I would gladly try to render it. :)

tonyme 21-02-10 21:14

Great work, I especially love the first one. :tmb:

silviu_raider 21-02-10 21:16

Thank you, tonyme! :hug:

H4RR7H 22-02-10 05:23

VG silviu, esp. the third :tmb: Can't wait to see this expand :D

Will check back as often as I can do :hug:

silviu_raider 22-02-10 13:56

Thanks H4RR7H! :D

Liara 22-02-10 14:45

Hot damn, you're only 17 and manage to make all that? :eek: Awesome stuff! Keep us updated! :jmp:

silviu_raider 22-02-10 15:11

Thank you so much, Liara!!! :D :hug: :jmp:
Right now I'm working on another one! :D

o0Crofty0o 22-02-10 18:00

Awesome work :tmb:

Keep them comin' :D

Aranara 22-02-10 18:21

The last one is pure amazingness! :eek:
Keep up the good job! :tmb:

silviu_raider 22-02-10 18:47

Thanks guys!
Means a lot to me! :hug:

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