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Horus-Goddess 24-07-11 04:50

Setting up for making custom UV textures via Metasequoia
This tutorial is mostly all screenshots, and I will link them in thumbnails here and you can click them accordingly, they are listed in order from left to right.

I hope this may help some of you who've been in the dark about how to set up a custom UV map and then exporting it to photoshop (or your paint program of choice). There may be an easier way to do it than this and if you find out a way please let me know and I'll be sure to add it here! Most of what I've figured out was from some help from others (like Trangel :hug:) and then some that I just figured out from experience.

A few things to note also is that Metasequoia can accept most image formats, though I have not been able to find out if it is possible to support dds files (a common file used in most games). It should be able to use jpg, bmp, and png as far as I know.

Following this method you can then use the "fake UV" method revealed by GeckoKid's tutorial to make the textures usable for TRLE. It takes a lot of time and work but the result is often well worth the effort! :)

http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut1.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut2.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut3.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut4.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut5.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut6.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut7.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut8.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut9.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut10.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutor...0-sidenote.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut11.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut12.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut13.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut14.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutor..._UVtut14-a.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutor..._UVtut14-b.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutor..._UVtut14-c.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutor..._UVtut14-d.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut15.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut16.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut17.jpg http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/Tutorials/th_UVtut18.jpg

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