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SpArKy 08-06-04 16:39

I bought this item from Ebay, but i carnt get the damn thing to work. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/imag...es/violent.gif
I select the control options thing. then select joypad and try to configure, but it wont let me assign the up down left right keys , only the square circle and x's if that, none of the top buttons work either....any help. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/imag...es/whistle.gif

Joseph 08-06-04 17:39

Sparky, i would gladly try to help, but you have to tell more about what exactly you are doing, what Windows version you use, etc. Be precise. Not: "i select the control options thing"

SpArKy 08-06-04 17:45

Ok i will start again, i use the options within the Tomb Raider game and select to configure my controls, instead of selecting "Keyboard" i select "Joystick", then i press enter on each individual action in the game for example "Duck", then i press the button which i wish to assign the duck action to.
But for some reason, it will not let me assign me directtional buttons on my PS2 controller, or the Upper buttons of my Joypad, you see it hasnt got a joypad option so i tred the Joystick one.

Joseph 08-06-04 17:52

Have you first configured your joypad in Windows?

Joseph 08-06-04 17:55

Which Windows version do you use?

SpArKy 08-06-04 17:57

I use XP home, and no i havent, i thought it were plug and play! I am new to PC gaming here....am abit tick!

Joseph 08-06-04 17:57

And which joypad do you have?

SpArKy 08-06-04 17:59

A Playstation 2 Dualshock controller.

Joseph 08-06-04 18:00

You want Tombraider to think it is a joystick. So try to configure it like it IS a joystick. Maybe that is possible. Go to Control Panel and configure your game device In "Gaming Devices".

SpArKy 08-06-04 18:03

Well the joypad works fine, i just tested it, but now i am stuck. How on earth do i make it recognise it as a joystick!When i am using a converter....?

Also all i have is Game Controllers available!

[ 08. June 2004, 19:04: Message edited by: SpArKy ]

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