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pedrokas23 03-06-05 20:59

i've made a new trailer for tomb raider legend.

it's five minutes long with soundtrack.

it's the first movie i've created with windows movie maker.

but there is a problem.
i tried to upload it to filefront.com after i registered, but when i uploaded the file i got an error on the webpage.

tlr online 03-06-05 21:32

If you'd like to email to me, I'll upload to our server and reply with a download link.

pedrokas23 04-06-05 09:37

can i email you my 50 mb trailer???

is that possible?

frostfur452 04-06-05 10:35

WOW!!!! Big Trailer! lol have you compressed it yet? WOW

Lavinder 04-06-05 11:15

Pedrokas Save it as Video For Broadband (340 kbps) Then it will be around about 10MB Even a 5 minute Movie averages around about 9MB

pedrokas23 04-06-05 11:48

ill do it

but can i email a 9 mb file to tlr online?
i use hotmail and the maximum size for file sending is 1 mb.

pedrokas23 04-06-05 11:49

or i can use filefront, but i'll probrably need help because i guess it's not uploading.

pedrokas23 04-06-05 12:04

im uploading it to filefront now.
the quality isnt as good as the 50 mb trailer quality, but it's still cool.

i'll let you know and give you the link after rthe upload is finished.

pedrokas23 04-06-05 12:07

the size of the trailer is about 11 mb

pedrokas23 04-06-05 12:30

the trailer is here.

»»»Click Here«««

hope you enjoy it!!!


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