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Thorn 22-05-06 22:28

Your Interests
Just list them so we can know a bit about each other. :)

I like Photography, Makeup, Heels, Suburban Life, Animals, Music, Walking, Exercise, Reading, Volleyball, Skateboarding, Baseball, Playstation 2, Sign Language, Japanese/Culture, Ayumi Hamasaki, Sylvia Plath, Friedrich Nietzsche, Travelling, Cooking, Late Nights, Laughing, Learning new things.

tha_mattster 22-05-06 22:31

can you explain to me how suburban life and laughing are interests?! http://www.smileypad.com/v224/Feelings/Eek.gif:confused:

xMiSsCrOfTx 22-05-06 22:33

Well... I listed most of them in my profile, but what the hell. :D

Music, traveling, photography, history, meeting new people, PS2, Tomb Raider, movies, Angelina Jolie, learning, hanging out with friends, long walks :), cosmetics, rock climbing, reading, dancing, English, etc...

Thorn 22-05-06 22:34


Originally Posted by tha_mattster
can you explain to me how suburban life and laughing are interests?! http://www.smileypad.com/v224/Feelings/Eek.gif:confused:

How old are you? ... Have a nice day. :ton:

tha_mattster 22-05-06 22:36

I'm 18, why do you ask?

Catapharact 22-05-06 22:40

Oi... Long list:

- Books
- The classics (Music, Movies you name it.)
- Indoor Kayak simulations. My older brother got me into it Lol!
- Cultures
- People (though some of them really would make a hermit out of me one day.)

- Fighter Planes (Childhood passions don't die easily Lol!)
- Romantic indulgances ( No further comment.)
- Peaceful surroundings and landscapes.
-Travelling (Goes along with work.)
- Classical studies (Particularly the mediterrianian region and Early Middle Eastern Civilizations.)

And the list continues Lol!

sweetPoison 22-05-06 22:45

Here are mine:

well...Literature, English Literature, Classical Literature, poetry, books (have you noticed?!?! LOL), French, tea - green and orange pekoe, smoking *(youngsters you should not do this!! LOL), not sleeping (don't ask, I have serious insomnia problems!!:D, taking excessive vitamins, new inetrest in philosophy and anthropology, ambient music (I love staying up and listening to the Chiller Cabinet on Classical FM - 2AM till 4AM on weekends, I told you I have sleeping issues:).

Thorir 22-05-06 22:47

*Surfing the web
*Playing videogames


Punaxe 22-05-06 22:49


Photography, Design (3D/2D/websites/software on computer, drawing, industrial design is my study), Martial Arts (Jiu-Jitsu, Iaido), Nature, Travel (because of photography + nature, mostly :p), games (DOOM, Tomb Raider, Tetris), human mind, ancient cultures, ... and in-line skating, perhaps.

Tombreaper 22-05-06 22:51

My cat:)
To make drawings and sculptures
Women (my girlfriend doesn't kill me for this, I just love good looking women.)

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