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black_sheepa 16-06-06 12:09

I saw the trailer...
I saw the trailer and i have to say a few thing about it.

First of all, the graphic looks amazing and everything there remembers you on TR I. That is the good thing, but the bad thing is, that Lara moves very bad, nealy catasrophical. Every move of Lara is gross. Really! So i think, it is the best thing to give it in the hands of Crystal Dynamics to remake the moves and Lara herself. But if Crystal Dynamics not only change that, the game will turn into ****.

So please Crystal Dynamics, don't change the Game Engine!!! PLEASE!!

Lara Lover 16-06-06 12:11

Didn't the people from Eidos not take the trailer down? :confused:

black_sheepa 16-06-06 12:12

Yeah, I found it luckily in the net. But i think I am not allowed to say where...

angelika 16-06-06 12:14

If I remember correctly Justin wrote that it is banned to appear on this forum and must delete any downloads.
Maybe it appeared on another site. I don't know


Originally Posted by black_sheepa
Yeah, I found it luckily in the net. But i think I am not allowed to say where...


Fraaadrik 16-06-06 12:21

Why even bother watch it and post about it when it's officially cancelled, PM the site to trl so he can get it deleted.

black_sheepa 16-06-06 12:22

I don't watched the trailer on this site, so Trl cannot do much about it.

Rivendell 16-06-06 12:23

I liked the way she moved :) Her run, jump, shooting, all very reminiscent of TR1 - how apt - it's a remake! Or at least was..

MiCkiZ88 16-06-06 12:26

yeah I saw the trailer too.. it was clearly unfinished.. I liked the t-rex part

thevman 16-06-06 14:27

The wild jump she does over 2 platforms in the cistern looked sweet! :eek: But like they said, dead horse, no use wishing for that build of the game now, CD has it now, up to them how they'll make her move.

illuminati30 16-06-06 14:46

Did anyone think the Core game was kinda green?

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