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dox online 01-03-07 17:11

GROZAA (Get Rid Of Zip And Alister) thread
for any people who dont like zip and alister and the hints

petujaymz 01-03-07 17:21

Ditch their hints but retain their banter. CD could also use them to progress the plot where appropriate. That's what I reckons anyway.


dream raider 01-03-07 18:02

Maybe when Lara finds her mother in Avalon and brings her to the "real" world, fierce monsters come with them and burn/destroy the manor with Alister and Zip in it. Unfortunately Winston will die too.

dox online 01-03-07 18:57

winston gets saved at the last second

kryptonite23 02-03-07 08:51

I like Zip to stay but Alister not so very.:jmp:

sweety_kimmy 02-03-07 13:31

I do not like them babbling all the way through the levels. We don't need help to figure out what to do, it's a Tomb Raider game and it's adventury-kinda so we have to explore on our own. Zip is O.k., he can pass although Allisto could maybe stop talking everytime we are high up...I don't care if he's afraid of heights or not.

beckerooz 02-03-07 17:04

I'm DEFINITELY joining the club ;)

Legend of Lara 02-03-07 19:28


They suck. Ditch the hints, the headset, the PLS, the PDA, the binoculars and the grapple. :yah:

IceColdLaraCroft 02-03-07 19:34

You know this has gone on LONG ENOUGH.....if you dont like listening to Zip and Alister there's an audio option to turn them off you dont have to make 200 threads saying how much you hate them

Sir Croft 02-03-07 19:37

They should stay in the games, but no hints and no talking all the time

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