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Post Command & Conqure - Generals

Good game; Bad Politics.

To be frank, its one of the most intense and fast paced strategy games I have played, and perfectly depicts modern warfare senerios. The particle effects are absolutely spectacular but it does demand high computer specs.

You have the choice of playing as three groups each with their own seperate general factions: The US army, The Chinese Red Guard or The GLA movement. They all have their pros and cons and as such you have dictate your strategy carefully (I personally believe that there is no substitue for air power, infantry rush and the good ol fashion Super Weapons; I have yet to lose a battle . )

Apart from your regular units, you are given distinct general powers, depending upon who you play as. General powers are a tremendous asset; Especially some of the more devistating ones like Carpet Bombing or GLA Sneak Attack.

A good play; Just try to ignore the in-game politics.

If you have a copy of the game, then General Cat-O-Mighty challenges you. He is bored of winning so easily over such weak leadership.

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