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Originally Posted by Angelx14
I never heard about this game. How good is it?
Just as Melonie said .

Originally Posted by Cochrane
I always get owned by my friends. Anyway, did you notice the built-in censoring of chat messages? Not only "nasty" words (those that get filtered by this forum), but also names like "Saddam", "Osama" or "Hitler" get replaced by stars. Every time I play it with my friends, one favourite way to pass the time until everyone is ready to join the game is trying to find ways to work around that thing. I really wonder what this function is good for.
LMAO! I didn't know that. Ah you gotta love EA and their advertising propaganda sometimes.

Anyway, Anyone in the mood for a match right now? I am pumped after clearing the asphalt of all them ******s that couldn't survive even 30 mins.
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