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Default Aussie's save games for the PC

A lot of people seem to be running into glitches that require a save game, those who have been diligent in collecting all the relics and treasures might prefer these saves to the ones freeze10108 kindly provided. Everything has been collected in these ones, although l missed a treasure on the Yggdrasil one that could have been collected before the cutscene, you have to go back for the relic anyway and can pick it up on the way back, its the one on the platform closest to the entrance to Helheim. l had forgot l would get the cutscene there and was concentrating on getting the relic. l did collect it after l had the relic.

Save games for the start of each chapter.

00-1 Prologue

01-1 Path to Avalon
01-2 Niflheim
01-3 The Norse Connection
01-4 Thunder god
01-5 Realm of the dead

Coastal Thailand
02-1 Remnants
02-2 Bhogavati
02-3 The ancient world
02-4 Puppet no longer

03-1 Protected by the dead

Southern Mexico
04-1 The unnamed days
04-2 Xibalba
04-3 The Midgard Serpent
04-4 Land of the dead

Jan Mayen Island
05-1 Gate of the dead
05-2 Valhalla

Andaman Sea
06-1 Rituals old

Arctic Sea
07-1 Helheim
07-2 Yggdrasil
07-3 Out of time

Treasure Hunter with everything unlocked.

Bug fixes
Southern Mexico - Xibalba
Bug - For some strange reason you can move nothing, both calendars are frozen, l am not sure if this is a bug or just players not doing something, but here is a save game, from the left calender, just put the skull on, align the calendar get the pretty cutscene and race for it. Bike is parked just where you would want it. If you really prefer the right side, just take your time and go over and align the other calendar.
Fix -

Southern Mexico - The Midgard Serpent
Bug - The first ramp is down.
Fix -

Southern Mexico - The Midgard Serpent
Bug - When going down the stairs you saved somewhere between the point where you jump over the rocks with the bike, and the checkpoint after the Ragnarok cutscene, loaded and Lara is now stuck in an unplayable situation, she has lost her bike and cannot get over the rocks with out it.
Fix -

Southern Mexico - The Midgard Serpent
Gameplay problem - After turning of the eitr from the first serpent you went down the collapsible ledges, went left, survived came back up and went through another checkpoint. Now there are alternate ways to get down but they are all harder, better to just try it again and go right this time.
Fix -

Southern Mexico - Land of the dead
Bug - You did all that, got back to the entrance and Lara refuses to put the jaguar head on the statue so the switch can be pulled, your trapped!
Fix -

The saves go in C:\Documents and Settings\"your name"\My Documents\Eidos\Tomb Raider - Underworld

If you need any other save files for the PC l would likely be able to provide them.

Jeffareid also has a collection of save games people might find useful, again with all treasures and relics.

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