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Thanks all for the compassion, appreciated.

I will answer the questions in one post or I would have to quote so much, sorry!

A few asked if the DLC was part of the game itself. Ask anyone who is part of it and if they are honest they will tell you around 40% of the DLC was meant to be in the game itself, originally. But it was decided later on to take out those parts because they were expecting most sales on the 360 and the DLC the way it looked at the time was looking to be a bit 'thin'. So we were asked to cut some parts out to be used in the DLC. Now this doesn't mean that they will be in the DLC in the exact same manner as they would have been in if they had been used in Underworld. I have to stress that. It is adjusted. So if you would see it in the DLC you don't necessarily think, hey this was taken out of Underworld. But it is. It took away a bit of the 'epic' thing of Underworld.

However the poor sales for the 360 was a bit of a shock and the 360 exclusive now everyone knows was a huge mistake. Guess what, the guys who made that mistake are still working at Eidos. And Eidos will lose lots of money on it when they release it. Hence the stalling.

Rivendell, some of us are huge fans of Legacy of Kain but no money means no game. Defiance didn't have a closed end for a reason. There were some stuff done around defiance which could result in a game but again, the high paid folks had a say in that and as we can see, they make amazing choices!

grayfox360, Crystal never made plans to remake Angel of darkness but we did study the games of Core. And that of course influences what we do to an extent and Angel of Darkness I think had some impact on the Underworld.
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