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Originally Posted by ClarkKent View Post
What software do you use to modify and generate the .mesh files? I wanted to remove Lara's gear for the jungle shorts outfit and didn't want to bug you to do it for us? I thought 3ds max would do the trick but no luck. How do you do it?
I'm afraid you can't do that yourself.
The .mesh format is not a standard format, it is my own, there's no publicly available tool to edit them.
(I internally use Blender import/export Python scripts I wrote myself, plus a pair of conversion programs (ascii>binary and vice versa) that I wrote as well.

If you removed the gear from the mesh file, XNALara would still try to find it and it would crash (I could fix this but I don't really think it's a needed feature).
Even if you removed the gear, there would still remain shadows on Lara's clothes. These would have to be removed from the corresponding lightmaps (textures) manually in Photoshop etc. and it's close to impossible for some outfits since you'd have to recreate large portions of the lightmaps, including subtle details of the clothes.
That's why I didn't release more gearless outfits btw...

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