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Default Program (beta) to recalculate normals

StrPix may not calculate the vertex normals for a mesh correctly so I have written a program that can recalculate them.

Sometimes StrPix does give better results, however, so experiment and use the calculation that gives the best results.

The program has not been tested on many PC's and only on XP so it may not work with your settings or system. If there is a problem, post here, but I may be unable to solve it.

Since it is a beta version make sure you always have a backup copy of any wad you use it with and test the new wad before using for your game.

There is no mesh viewer so you need to know the number of the mesh you want to change. The number is the same as in StrPix.

Double sided polygons are a problem for calculating vertex normals since they often result in a vertex normal pointing in the wrong direction. There is a workaround in the program (see the readme) which requires you to know the face indices for the faces on the interior of the double sided polygon. To get these you need to use Wadexplorer (link in my remap tutorial). 571 kB

Other downloads in this thread. (version 1.3 of editwad. Help docs included.) (Same as editwad 1.3 but a resizeable window in case full user interface not visible. Note no help docs included)
MetaRemap PDF (How to remap in Meta for editwad) ( No help docs, resizeable window, same as ver 1.3 but added feature to save Lara Skin and Lara Skin Joints to a single MQO file to check the connections.
Instructions. Move slider until info button (Blue Button top right) shows "7".
Press the info button and save the MQO file.

See this post for update to enable editwad1.4 to read Metasequoia 3.1.1 MQO files.


Latest version of editwad 1.4 that can import MQO files from Metasequoia 4.5.8. Includes help docs.

Note 4Shared now requires registration to to download but you can get editwad1.4 from or the tools section at trsearch.

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