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Here is the new Mediafire link:

for all of the models re-uploaded so far (plus a couple of TRKO's).


Image hosting courtesy (-)


A re-naming of the bones for Sir Croft's Dragon Age Origins 'High Dragon' model (as well as making the eyeballs appear); first zip is mesh and textures, second is changed mesh only, for those who already have the original files; pose file of the pose pictured above is included.

And the rest:

Pose-able Creatures: (TRA); (TRA); (A)

A Sims model from oOCroftyOo (who did all the hard work), with a few changes by your's truly.

Pose-able Characters: (-); (-) (ducky available below)

Un-pose-able Creatures: (TRA); (TRA)



Jetski (A); TRA-Zodiac (TRA); TRU-Natlas-Zodiac (TRU)

(The Jetski was the first model I converted for XNALara.)


Ducati-Quad (A); Green-Quad (A)

One needs the file Ducati-Quad to use the changed files in Green-Quad


TRL-Croftplane (TRL)


Bladed Weapons:

Katana-Mod; Katana-Orig; Kat-Wakizashi; Fantasy Scimitar (O)

The Katana-Mod is the first model that I altered, as best I could at the time (very popular download, nonetheless); I recommend using the Kat-Wakizashi instead, as the centre and textures are fixed (and there's a free wakizashi!).

Edit: I further recommend the much better looking Katana by Dizzydoil, here.

Fantasy Scimitar original idea and Texturing by Navid.

Oriental Sabre (O); Sword New (O); Diver's Knife (O); Machete (O)

Oriental Sabre from an idea by Love2Raid.

Chinese-Broadsword (O); Sword (A); Forest-Ax; Sai (O)

Chinese Broadsword from an idea by Navid.

(We are a bloodthirsty bunch...)


Pic (A)


TopHat (O); Wool-Cap (O); Cowboy Hat(O); Snap-Brim-Hat (A)

Musical Instruments:

Piano-and-Bench (TRA); Acoustic-Guitar (A)

The Piano and Bench are separate; the piano has a new 88-key keyboard.


Lawnchair-Posable (A); Pencil (O); Vintage-Syringe (O); Crowbar (O)

Syringe is pose-able; use the 'Y' slider and the 'Move' function to move the plunger back and forth; stainless steel texture by Ol.a; from an idea by Poker15.

Crowbar idea by Daventry.

Passport (O); TRL-Pool-Deck-Chair (TRL); Ladder (A); Magic Wand (O)

Passport idea by... hmm. (-); (-)

The Umbrella is originally from ShareCG; the Rubber Ducky's origin remains a mystery... (O)

Three thumbnails, one object; three different textures included - the only boulder here so far.

Egyptian goodies: (A); (O); (TRA)

One thumbnail, three objects! (Working on an Anubis that has the tail on the side - usable on any flat surface.)

Sports Equipment: (O); (O)
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