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Originally Posted by XNAaraL View Post
Modding Tips, Tricks and Tutorials, FAQ's
Use this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Thread, if you have any questions.
Originally Posted by XNAaraL View Post
If you make a question in the FAQ Mesh Modding thread , you can use any language (yes german are wellcome :-). I make then a translation to german language and a multi language response.

If you find links to some other tutorials about mesh modding, then post a link in this thread.

BTW: I am working on new import/export script version for Blender 2.5 ! And I'm working on a blender 2.5 extensions to prevent a automatical 'recalculate normals' at the 'texture seams'. (Sharp edges)
Link removed. - Why ? google, google, google and google.
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