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Exclamation Rules for XNALara

The moderators have been discussing the rules regarding XNALara images and models, especially in terms of nude and near-nude mods and other sexually suggestive or explicit stuff. These are the rules we have agreed upon.
  • The general rule is that all female characters in any modded images and models (using XNALara or anything else) must not show any more skin than Lara does in her Legend bikini. Male characters can be topless, but not bottomless.
  • Models that do not comply with the XNALara rules on TRF (whether from the TR franchise or not) cannot be offered for download. That includes linking to sites which have such models for download.
  • Sexually suggestive or vulgar poses and gestures are also not allowed, whether or not the character doing them is fully clothed.
There are bound to be situations which don't fall under these categories, but these are the general rules that everyone should follow. If in doubt, ask a moderator or post in this thread. Edit: The above rules also apply to models extracted from other games, whether or not they are modded in any way.

These rules apply from now onwards, so please don't complain about warnings or bans you may have had regarding this in the past.

These rules may be modified in the future if necessary. If so, that will be announced in this thread.

Edit: The following image shows which parts of the skin must be covered in any female model/image posted in this section.
Originally Posted by Ward Dragon View Post
In an attempt to eliminate ambiguity, I've taken screenshots of the Legend bikini and edited out the straps and a little bit in the center which the dress reveals. This should make it clear which parts have to be covered for XNA:

It's okay if the strap areas are handled differently (which is why I removed them to show you have freedom to put whatever you want there) but the remaining areas shown in white fabric have to be covered by opaque material in every female outfit (male characters can still be topless though).

I hope this makes things a bit more clear

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