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Default My first recapitulative

Hello-some of you may or may not know me-I don't know most of you xD

But I will like to share the stuff I've been working on for this community and I am glad to present to you my Recap of the stuff I made thus far!

First up! Armament! Cause we all like things that go BOOM or SLICE metal in half right?! xD

Handy firearms from Handy Firearms! ^__^

Pistols, Handguns and Revolvers:
-HK VP70 (Stockless)
-Drake's VP70 (silenced VP70)
-Killer 7 Tactical Package
-Wesker's Samurai Edge Package (LAM, Laser, and Silenced)
-Desert Eagle Longslide Package
-Kobra 7 Competition Handgun
-Colt Python (first attempt)
-Barry Burton's Silver Serpent
-Hellsing Jackel
-Hellsing Joshua (.454 Casull)
-Desert Eagle Long Barrel
-Claire's Browning HP
-"Silver Phantom" Handgun Pack
-STI Eagle 6.0 Pack
-U.B.C.S. Mercenary Handgun Pack
-Barry Burton's Colt Andaconda
-Colt S.A.A. (long barrel)
-Colt S.A.A. (Shorty Barrel ;3)
-Barry's Samurai Edge (Stainless Version)
-Ranger Sequoia Pack
-ACR's Tokarev Pack(Updated 9/8/12)
-FFVII Quicksilver(Updated 9/8/12)

Assault Weapons (SMGs & Assault Rifles)
-UBC Merc's Custom M4A1 Assault Rifle
-Custom M4 Package (two scoped M4's; one with a Minethrower Attachment)
-Damian's Custom MP5A5 Submachinegun
-Hunk's Stockless TMP
-TMP Silenced (with Stock)
-FAMAS Assault Rifle
-UZI pack
-FF7 ShinRa Assault Rifle(Updated 9/8/12)

Long Rifles and Shotguns
-Anti-Materiel Rifle
-Handy Custom Rifle
-Rita's S.T.A.R.S. Custom Shotgun
-Western Custom Shotgun
-Hawkeye Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
-Dragunov SVD (Iraqi Immitation)
-Custom PSG-1 Rifle Pack
-Sniper Wolf's Custom PSG1 Pack
-Brush Rifle
-Henry Repeater
-Fallout Anti-Materiel Rifle
-FF7 Rufus ShinRa's Twinbarrel(Updated 9/8/12)

-Scarlet Yamato
-Resident Evil Code Veronica X All Weapons Pack
-'Nades and Blades combo pack
-ff13 Blazefire Gun

Ammuniton and Magazines
-Handgun Bullet Casings
-Rifle Casings
-MP5A5 Spare Magazine
-Desert Eagle .50AE Magazine
-Resident Evil 2 & 3 Ammo
-Handy Handgun Custom Shotgun and Magnum Ammunition Box
Now that is taken care of! Let us roll on to-
-Character MeshMods!

-R.P.D. S.W.A.T. Leon S. Kennedy Meshmod
-Yoko Ritona/Litner Meshmod
-2nd Lieutenant William Cohen (Billy USMC BDU)
-Yoko Litner (Kasuko lmao)
-Agent Jennifer Sheh
-Genome Soldier Pack
-UBCS Soldier
-R.P.D. SWAT Officer Pack
-Umbrella Agent Jessie Crest
-DRAKE (Catherine Miller) Pack
-Saeko Busujima Mod
-Damian Handy U.S.S. Outfit Mod (Updated 9/8/12)
-FF7 ShinRa 'Captain' (Updated 9/8/12)

And lastly, Reskins and Retextures!

-Leon Cosplaying as RufusTenik/Damian Handy (what?! xD)
-Leon Police Officer (Off Duty)
-Nero "Trent" Reskin
-Kyrie "Assassin" Reskin
-Who Dares Wins (gun)
-No Guts No Glory (gun)
-Beautiful Midnight (gun)
-Dante DMC1 Style Reskin
The Joe Kendo of XNALara xD

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