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Originally Posted by The Great Chi View Post
The second cheating method if I can remember is.... to run out and dive off the edge of the pool swim quickly, down and down, dodging blasts from the centaurs and enter the underwater tunnel and throw the switch in the dry cave below, stay there for a while (how long ?) and one centaur gets killed by the other, so you are down to one nasty left.

This is where I forget how to get rid of the last one when you surface, other than fight it ... I have so forgotten this cheat, DOH !
I couldn't remember either but Stella refreshed my memory.

After resurfacing and locking on to the other centaur (without getting fried ) you can return to the cave and it will commit slooow suicide.

For me it was around 15 minutes for the first and at least a half hour for the second.
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