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Originally Posted by Dingaling View Post
It differs slightly from Capture the Flag because only one team is trying to get the med packs as opposed to both sides. It's only a slight difference and if they've got it right it could be quite frantic and exciting but if it plays exactly like a CTF then it will be a bit of a dissapointment.

Karl did hint at a more adventurous mode so I'm looking forward to that. The Legend multiplayer focused on finding artefacts so I was hoping they'd do more multiplayer like that rather than the standard stuff but it's not to be. Maybe DLC?

(Also, thanks Queen Haggard.)

But to me it really sounds like the boring MP mode every game has. Ill say it --> Exactly like the one Uncharted has.

(I know Uncharted did not invent MP blablabla for everyone that wants to start crying again about me bringing Uncharted up)
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