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Now we're going to work on the cameras. You can use the normal camera objects, like Cameras and FlyBys, or the cutscene camera flipeffects. I personally prefer to use FlyBys because they give you a lot of freedom but if you already ran out of FlyBy sequences or still need them I would suggest using the cutscene camera flipeffects.

Place your first FlyBy camera and give it the OCB codes 0 (Snap to start of sequence from Lara cam), 6 (Snap back to Lara at end of sequence), 9 (Disable look key break out), and 11 (Enable Lara control). I recommend enabling 11 because you might have to rotate Lara a bit during the cutscene but if you disable her controls in the FlyBy nothing will happen. The player can't control Lara during the cutscene so you don't need to worry about player messing it up.

Once you placed the camera, export A45 to activate it. Create a new TriggerGroup in your script and paste the exported trigger into it. We're going to add it to our cutscene organizer now. To do that first type 0 so it activates on the first frame of the cutscene and then enter the ID of your trigger group like this:

Organizer= 1, FO_DEMO_ORGANIZER, 1, 0, 2
TriggerGroup= 2, $5000, 806, $2D

If you're using any other method, youíll have to activate your cameras like that too. If youíre using the cutscene camera flipeffects you have to assign a Leading or Extra Actor role to your moveables with A87.

Once youíre done placing the cameras for your cutscene, export F85 with the same settings you used for the beginning of the cutscene. You need to trigger it a few frames before the cutscene ends. In my case I had to trigger it 29 frames before the cutscene ends but it seems to be different for each cutscene. You have to go in-game a couple of times and try to get it right by trial and error. Remember how I said itís better to record cutscenes that are a bit too long? We will now trigger one last TriggerGroup at the frame our cutscene is supposed to end. This TriggerGroup should contain a trigger to cancel your current camera (A45 for FlyBys) and F380 to stop the cutscene. I put the ID of my cutscene in the timer field but Iím not sure if thatís necessary (actually Iím not even sure if this trigger works at all).

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