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Fluen has ripped all the animations from the cutscenes from Tomb Raider's 1 through 3 and packaged them up for download (4.3Mb).
Cutscene Animations


Audio tracks from Tomb Raider 1 (38Mb).
TR1 Audio

Audio tracks from Tomb Raider 2 (40.4Mb).
TR2 Audio

Audio tracks from Tomb Raider 3 (86.8Mb).
TR3 Audio

Audio tracks from Tomb Raider 5 (69.7Mb).
TR5 Audio


This is practically the full set of TR3 samples, put together by EssGee. Many thanks EssGee for this invaluable TR Level Builders resource (10Mb).
TR3 Samples

This is the complete package of textures formerly hosted on Skribblerz.
The package contains 128x128 textures of the TR1 - TR5 games, as well as from AoD, TRL, TRA and TRU.
The package also contains textures from some custom levels that were hosted at Skribblerz.


All the files you need from the original Angkor Wat level of The Last Revelation are included in this download (3.3Mb).
Angkor Wat wad

All the resources of the Lost Library and the Guardian of Semerket levels are here with instructions included (12.3Mb).
Library Wad

Copy all of the files into your Wads folder in your trle root folder to enable all Lara's animations in every WAD (11.2Mb).
Revised Wads

All the objects from Tomb Raiders 1-5. They are not all ready to use as they are ripped into random slots. This WAD resource is more for object makers (108Mb)
TR1-5 Wads

Custom made objects.

Sliding elevator door

Remember the double slamming doors in TR1-TR3?
When you have a close look at those in WADMerger Animation Editor, you'll see that they are not really sliding straight in and out of the wall.
A_De found a way to make the doors slide straight in and out of the walls and kindly released the object.
Sliding Elevator Doors
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