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Default Remake: Bosses!?

Do you think there will be anymore bosses than the original!? Do you they will add anything to the original bosses that will make them more difficult or harder, like a puzzle with in them something else than just your guns to take out? If you think there should be more bosses, list where and possibly what!?

Lost Valley- More T-Rexs maybe a baby one at first, but when you go back to put the cogs in MOMMY and DADDy aren't happy Two huge T-rexs like the nest or something, kinda like TR 2 Great Wall but harder!

Palace Midas-King Midas or his machine that created Gold! Kinda of like the Roman Head in Chronicles!


Colluseum- a bunch of different animals, fills up with water crocs- not really a boss fight just a lot of animals!

Obliesk of Kamroon or Sancuary of the Scion- a couple of Egyptian soldiers, pharohs guards, kinda like cleopatras guards in Cleopatras Palace but much harder!
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