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Default TRNG - Additional sounds for Lara, during a certain status

Additional sounds for Lara
Ever wanted to add sounds to Lara which can NOT be assigned to animations?
Why not assign them to animations?
Well, when they are assigned to animations, the sounds will play each time Lara performs the animations.
So what about a sound she makes when running out of air while she is not yet drowning, let’s say when her airbar is down to 10%.
Or make her scream when she is on fire and her health is down to 40%?
Or what about adding a heartbeat when her health is down to 20%?
Or what about making her gasp with pain when her health is down to 20% AND she is performing certain moves, like landing after a jump, or slamming into the wall when grabbing a ledge?

All possible with some scripting!

In this tutorial I will not explain how to add sounds to your wad.
So this tutorial is assuming that you know how to do this.

Variables are used in some cases, so it is recommended you already know a bit about variables before trying this. You can ofcourse use the variables and their corresponding triggers used in this tutorial but then you have to make sure that the variables are not used for different things at the same time.

Making Lara scream when she is on fire
A_De already made a tutorial about this, so I figured I could just link to that one instead of adding it to this thread.

Choking sound when Lara's airbar is low and Coughing sound when Lara's airbar is low while surfacing

Several examples of having additonal sounds when Lara’s health gets low.

To be continued...
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