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Compile your script and open the level editor. Place Lara on the square your cutscene will take place and place and add a trigger for F80 on the same square. The flipeffect should trigger Lara's cutscene animation. Nothing else is needed for now so output your WAD and compile your level.

Start the game and load your level. Make sure Lara plays the correct animation. I highly suggest that you enable cutscene organizers by pressing F4! This will allow us to trigger frame specific things later. Even if you don't plan on using them you should still enable it just in case.

Once you've enabled the organizers go back to the main menu and load your level again. While it's still loading press and hold F11. The game will start recording your cutscene the moment your level finishes loading.

I hope you still remember the exact length of your cutscene animation because you will need it now. Try to stop the recording process about the same time your animation ends. It's almost impossible to stop it frame perfect but it's better to stop it a few frames later than a few frames too early. If you ever change the level order or change Lara's outfit (retexturing is fine), you will need to re-record the cutscene so keep that in mind! While recording you can also rotate Lara to reposition her a bit, just make sure the player canít see it later.

Inside your data folder, you should now find a file called demo1.pak. This is your cutscene and needs to be included with your level when you upload it for everyone to play! The text file is pretty irrelevant and doesn't need to be included. It can help you find out which demo.pak file is which cutscene if you have more than one, but other than that itís pretty useless.

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