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Now we will set up our cutscene organizer. They basically work like normal organizers but will trigger a TriggerGroup at specific frames of the cutscene. Type FO_DEMO_ORGANIZER in the flag field and the ID of your cutscene in the Parameter field. If it's your very first cutscene it will most likely be 1. The ID is the same we just typed in our Demo command and can be found in the cutscenes file name. Like I mentioned before TriggerGroups will be triggered at specific frames in the cutscene. So if you type 20, 1, the organizer will trigger TriggerGroup 1 at the 20th frame of the cutscene.

You can leave that alone for now and open the editor again.

Move Lara back to her original position and place a LARA_START_POS object on the square your cutscene will take place. We will teleport Lara to the object later so there aren't any inconsistencies in the cutscene later regarding Lara's position. The flat end of the object is where Lara will later face after she was teleported. I suggest that you give the Lara start position object some high OCB code so it doesn't conflict with anything else like enemy AI. Place your actors and triggers for them somewhere in the level that the player has to activate before he reaches the cutscene. Alternatively, you can just activate all 5 OCB code bits.

I'm going to do a TR4 styled cutscene, which means I'll take away the players control over Lara while the screen slowly fades to black before the cutscene starts.

If you want to do the same, remove the flipeffect underneath the start position object so you'll be left with a blank square. Place F51 on the square your cutscene will start at (meaning the trigger won’t be under the start position object) and disable all keyboard commands for 2 seconds. Place F85 on the same square. I set the timer to Long and the extra field to Fade Out and Fade In. Then place F127 to trigger a new organizer that we will create in a bit and set the trigger to One Shot so the cutscene only plays once.
If you want to trigger the cutscene through a puzzle hole, enter the OCB code 1045 and set the Key trigger for the puzzle hole as one shot instead. The OCB code was used in the retail game to trigger cutscenes but since those were disabled in the LE version it doesn't do anything. The benefit of using that OCB code is that the cutscene will start immediately without Lara doing the insert animation first.

Back in NG Center we need to create a new organizer. Use the FO_TICK_TIME flag this time. Type IGNORE in the Parameter field. I want the cutscene to start just before the screen gets brighter again so I trigger my TriggerGroup 30 seconds after I triggered the organizer.

In the TriggerGroup you need to add F379 to start the cutscene. Don't let the numbers in the timer field fool you! ‘1’ doesn't necessarily equal demo1.pak. In our Demo command we added the cutscenes we want to play in this level at the very end. Let's say your level contains cutscenes 1 and 5 so you type 1, 5 at the end of the Demo command. If you want to trigger cutscene 1 now you would choose 1 in the timer field but if you want to trigger cutscene 5 you wouldn't choose 5 but 2 since it's the second cutscene in the Demo command. Besides the cutscene itself I also triggered the cutscene audio (F68), Animation 1 for my second actor (A15) and teleport Lara to my LARA_START_POS object (F79).

Compile your script and your level to see if everything is working correctly.

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