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Advanced camera jumps

If youíre using Coreís cutscene animations you might notice that sometimes actors stop moving and then jump into a new position. This is because the camera didnít focus on the actor at that point so they didnít have to be animated at that point. Itís really hard to make the camera jump at exactly the same frame the jumping around happens but thereís a simple trick for that. If youíre using FlyBys for your cutscenes you need to start a new FlyBy sequence. Trigger a TriggerGroup at exactly the frame you want your camera to change. The TriggerGroup should cancel the current FlyBy sequence and then trigger a new one. Both can be done with A45. You can only do this up to 7 times in one level! Itís best to use this method if you still have some spare FlyBy sequences or if your cutscene is in a separate level from the rest of your game. If you want to save you sequences you can also try combining different cameras. You could jump from a FlyBy camera to the cutscene camera triggers for example.

Donít be afraid to experiment.

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