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I know not everyone does a complete level set on here but I do always enjoy seeing a TRLE game which includes a variety of locations and has a well thought out story/plot involved in it as I find a TRLE game with a story makes the player engrossed into it more, knowing what they are looking for and why they are at certain locations instead of simply just getting from point A to B.

If there is one thing I hate that I have saw in a few TRLE games then it has to be repetitive puzzles in the same level level. If you have say a switch puzzle in one section and then another switch puzzle in the next one the same level, it is going to slowly drain the player of enjoyment as they aren't exploring or solving anything new to keep them on their toes.

For me, the thing I do not see too often anymore is a creative boss battle, whether it be focused on the boss itself or how the room is set out to make the boss a little more challenging really does make all the difference in terms of tension towards points in your TRLE game, take King Arthur Project for example, they done it extremely well.
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