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@AkyV: thank you for this thread, I never hesitate on telling which features I like/hate/miss in custom games Should we feel free to add new features later?

Like: Good clues about what to do next so I never lost in game.
Beautiful, wise used textures, new moves and also fresh sounds. Really, the default sounds are boring in most cases.

Hate: Timed runs. I hate any timed thing if it is more tight than in classic games. And if the timed event is long I most likely hate it either.
The same is about pixel-perfect and banana jumps (my god, some builders even combine them with timer!). You hardly see such things in classics.
The thing called "fake challenge" it is when you beaten the game but didn't enjoy it. Those "hard jumps" and tight timers completely fit the term IMO.

Miss: Alternative routes, when you can choose between two or more ways to play entire game/solve particular puzzle/enter to area.
Good balance between detailed Lara outfit and blocky world, including the enemies and decorations. I wish builders use less detailed and realistic outfit if the world and it's objects are far from being HQ.
Good optimized games. It is not always necessary to use hi-polys objects and hi-res textures to make a game look good. It is all about good balance. See any level by teme9 or sponge for example of wise optimizing.

This is all for now
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