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Originally Posted by GoldfishGam3r View Post

I downloaded your Alone in the Dark mod, and tried replacing an FMV from TR4 with one from AitD. Didn't work at first, but, after replacing the binkw32.dll of TR4 with the one from your mod aswell, it worked!

TR4 played the FMVs from AitD, but because they are in 16:9, there was a huge black bar below the video playing. This is important, you'll see soon.
And for reference, this happened in both windowed and fullscreen modes.

Anyway, after those awesome results, I put it my 1080p .bik files and replaced and... it played one frame and crashed. I then tried rendering my remastered FMVs in the original resolution of 640x480 to .mp4, and then convert them to .bik just like I did with the 1080p ones, using the same settings.

And it worked!

So now I'm stuck. Evaluating from the black bar below the 16:9 video, my guess is the size of the FMV player is hardcoded into the engine, causing the game to crash when an FMV has a higher resolution than the FMV player of the game.

The only solution I can think of would be to mod the game, meaning the tomb4.exe, to have a bigger window on the FMV player, but I have no clue where to even start with that. If anyone can help, I'd really apreciate it
If you guys really want it, i can do it quite easily

In fact, i have also done it for TR III, but nobody noticed it
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