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See? Almost nobody knows it...

From Paolone:

C) Pointer Detector.
The detector is a fully new object for all tomb raider saga.
This work like an avanced radar to discover the position (north/south/east/west), height (up/down respect to lara) and distance in meter of some target.
In script you can set the target and working mode.
The pointer detector allows to monitor only a single target for time, but when first target has been picked up or killed, the detector can start to monitor another object of the list you typed in script.txt file.

D) Radar Detector
The main difference of Radar Detector respect that Pointer Detector, is that, with Radar detector you can monitor many targets in same time, if they enter in the range of distance you set in script.txt file
("Fully new" - he said, yes, but years ago.)

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