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Originally Posted by xtimz View Post
Western people love to say that the western political system has the great power to correct itself. I wonder why it didn't correct itself on gun control issues over so many years. It's so obvious.
It doesn't need correcting.

In your country, people who criticize the government can be arrested and sent to "re-education" camps. But over here, if government agents started trying to do stuff like that, they'd likely get blown full of holes by pissed off Americans with guns.

So our guns protect our freedom of speech.

I can criticize my government if I want to. I can say "Donald Trump is a corrupt pompous ass and his cabinet is full of lickspittles and toadies."

Or I can criticize the Chinese government if I want to. I can say, "Xi Jinping heads an evil government that oppresses the rights of Chinese citizens while the Party lackeys grow rich from corruption."

Now you try. Go on, post something critical about the Chinese government.

Of course, they might be watching.
Fancy dropping down for a chat, then?

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